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Apple Presentation - Innovative Academic Technology

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Last updated: 2 Jun, 2020

As a follow up from the workshop Apple conducted on iOS 11, they provide a series of videos that cover the items demonstrated:

The series includes features that were covered in the session: 

  • The new dock.
  • Managing files and folders with the new Files app.
  • Multitasking.
  • Scan, Sign and Send documents with Notes.

The series also includes additional features not covered in the session: 

  • Using the Apple Pencil.
  • Using Multitouch.
  • Converting hand written notes into type.
  • Copy and paste across different devices.

The resource also contains links to the iPad User Guide and Tips and Tricks.

Instructions on setting up your iPad or iPhone to screen record, were covered in the session and can be found here:

The Record button will be displayed in your customizable control center. Tap to start the recording and tap again when you want to stop and the video.  It is saved and available in your camera roll.  

Additionally, apple presented two apps for iOS:  

  • Explain Everything is a whiteboard and screencasting app that can be used on the iPad and iPhone. It also offers a version for Windows and Android. It allows you to capture, annotate,  record and share your ideas.
  • Clips is a free app from Apple for iPhone and iPad, which allows you to make short videos and also to use live titles.  Simply speak while recording, and text automatically appears onscreen, synced with your voice. Tap the clip to easily adjust text, add punctuation, or change the style of your title. Consider this for a short introductory video prior to the start of class. 

Apple also shared information on the Apple Teacher program, which inspires educators to build skills around Apple technology. The program offers free self-paced professional learning in the Apple Teacher Learning Center. It’s a quality learning experience with a clearly defined learning path that’s an easy, on-the-go way to learn more about Apple product.

  • It is designed to spark new ideas for teachers and inspire them to create innovative learning experiences for their students.
  • In addition to providing product training, the program also helps educators make the most of iPad, Mac, and built-in apps in teaching and learning.
  • The program delivers monthly newsletters with fresh ideas featuring real teachers, lesson ideas, educational apps, and tips that teachers can use in the classroom.
  • The program is a great way for school leaders to offer professional learning that’s fun and makes the most of the technology investment they’ve made.
  • The program will continue to grow regularly over time, making new learning resources available to teachers.

The Apple Teacher web page allows teachers to explore and learn more about: 

  • Real stories
  • Tips, inspiration, and news
  • Workshop opportunities at Apple Retail
  • Educational resources and learning materials

Apples has curated an Apple Teacher collection for educators in their iBooks Store. This collection is designed to help teachers find new ways to engage students by unlocking the magic of iPad, Mac and built-in apps.  The Apple teacher collection provides teachers with the following resources: 

  • iPad starter guides.
  • Mac starter guides.
  • iPad and Mac learning workflows - fostering creativity and enhancing productivity

Apple is happy to meet with individual faculty or in small groups to learn more on these subjects and other Apple technology. 

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