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Teaching an Online Course

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Last updated: 2 Jul, 2020

Teaching an Online Course

If your online course is already developed and you are looking for ideas and recommendations to help you maximize the experience, both for you and your students, these first six Modules are the place to begin.  If you are also considering revising your course to improve the teaching-learning experience, the course design Modules at the bottom of the page will help you to get started. 

If this is your first time with an online course, please start with:

How are Online Classes Different? 

How can a course design support your teaching?

  • Designing an Online Course: Where do I start?

    You may have heard the recommendation to start with the end in mind - the desired learning outcomes for your students.  While that's a very valid recommendation, there is more to the process than just having a solid starting point.

  • Online Assessment: How do I know my students are learning?

    Assessments that are aligned with your learning outcomes provide reliable feedback about student learning and reinforce to students what needs to be mastered. A balanced assessment strategy in online courses can prevent surprise grades and the drama that often accompanies them.

  • Active and Interactive Learning: What can my students "do" online?

    Active learning is more than clicking links and buttons.  Learning activities that require students to actively do something thoughtful with the concepts in your course (individually or in pairs or groups) improves learning and knowledge retention.

  • Structuring Content: How can I make, find, and use online resources?

    Your content provides the necessary information and tools that students need to complete activities and reach learning outcomes.  While it can be easy to find and add more and more content to an online course, it's important to ensure that content actually supports your learning outcomes.

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