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Work at Home and Online Instruction Toolbox for Faculty and Staff
The following links and documentation are for IT tools and services that enable a variety of remote capabilities. Additionally, CIT offers training and support sessions. Instructions on how to book a session are in Article 543: Book Training with CIT. For faculty who have no previous experience...
rating 02 Nov, 2020

Faculty and Staff Working at Home
Installing Panopto
For installing Panopto on a personally owned machine or an Eastern owned PC laptop please refer to the directions below. If installing the Panopto software on an Eastern owned PC desktop computer or any Mac please refer these instructions: Article 468: Software Center (PC) Self Service (Mac) - How...
rating 22 Jul, 2020
Recording with Panopto's Desktop Applications
Record a Video on a Windows PC (Scroll Down For Mac Instructions) (Scroll even Further for iOS (iPad) instructions) You can find Panopto's web-based recording solution in the following article: Recording with Panopto Capture - A Web-based Recording Application Record a Video on a...
rating 12 Jan, 2021
Copy/Move a Panopto Video to Another Course
The link below has a video and written instructions for copying Panopto Video to another course. Prior to this you must have already configured the other course to use Panopto as described in Article 463: Configure Your Blackboard Course for Panopto Copy Panopto Video from one course to...
rating 22 Apr, 2020
Use Webex to Make Phone Calls
Webex can make voice calls to out-of-network individual phone numbers. Start a meeting Click on the button with the 3 dots Choose invite and remind from the resulting menu Select the Phone icon, fill in the phone number and * Invitee Name is optional, click Call.
rating 23 Mar, 2020
VPN Login and File Access for Faculty and Staff
The ECSU VPN server is a device that creates a Virtual Private Network between your home computer and the Eastern campus. With a VPN connection, you may access files on your Z-drive via the Internet or remote control your office computer from home. For instructions to Remote Control your office...
rating 23 Mar, 2020
Remote Desktop Access
The following will allow you to gain access to your desktop computer from home via the VPN. IMPORTANT: The VPN server will auto disconnect you after either 30 minutes of inactivity, or one hour of connect time. If you still have work to do, you may browse back to the VPN server and sign back in...
rating 23 Mar, 2020
Forwarding University Calls from Desk Phones and
NOTE: Method 1 must be setup physically from your desk phone before you leave campus. Method 2 can be done from outside the university via Internet Access. Method 1: Physical Access to Desk Phone On your desk phone you will see a Forward All button. Press this button and enter in the numbers 91...
rating 23 Mar, 2020
Voicemail - Listening to Voicemail and Playback Controls
Physically from the phone: Voicemail - Listening to Voicemail and Playback Controls Remotely from a computer: Log into the VPN as described in Article 8: VPN Login and File Access for Faculty and Staff Click on Voicemail Services Log into the Voice Mail Services site using your...
rating 23 Mar, 2020
Reset Voicemail or Phone PIN from Off Campus
If you need to reset your voicemail PIN number from office campus use the following instructions. Log into the VPN as described in Article 8: VPN Login for Faculty and Staff Click on Voicemail Services in the Web Bookmarks section Log in using your username and password (not the full email...
rating 23 Mar, 2020
Logging into SelfService (eWeb)
Access Self Service (eWeb) by first logging into Office 365. Accessing from the O365 portal page: Access SelfService (eWeb) through the Office 365 portal at: https://myeasternct.sharepoint.com/sites/EasternAppPortal?e=1%3A67ec2092e01f451f9cc756df0410710f If you are prompted to sign in, use...
rating 23 Mar, 2020

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