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Work at Home and Online Instruction Toolbox for Faculty and Staff
The following links and documentation are for IT tools and services that enable a variety of remote capabilities. Additionally, CIT offers training and support sessions. Instructions on how to book a session are in Article 543: Book Training with CIT. For faculty who have no previous experience...
rating 02 Nov, 2020

Faculty and Staff Working at Home
VPN Login and Remote Access for Students
For general information and to request access to remote control labs see Article 625 VPN and Citrix Access To connect to the ECSU VPN server: Use your browser to connect to https://ecsu-vpn.easternct.edu/ Alternately, from the ECSU home page, select the Faculty and Staff Menu Item, and...
rating 25 Aug, 2020
VPN Access to General Purpose Labs
ITS has a dashboard for displaying device availability for students to remotely access general-purpose computers in labs including Webb 410 and the Library 1st & 2nd floors. Clicking on the link below will allow students to identify an available device for use with the VPN. On the resulting...
rating 26 Aug, 2020
Delete Locally Stored Panopto Recordings
As you record, Panopto keeps local copies on your hard drive. These are not necessary after uploading has completed. To avoid filling your hard drive, delete the local recondings located in C:/PanoptoRecorder. You can also set Panopto to automatically delete those files. Under the settings tab in...
rating 27 Mar, 2020
Panopto Video Assignment Folder - Enable Students to Submit Videos to Blackboard
Faculty can use Panopto to enable students to record or upload short videos and share them with the class. The instructor must have previously configured their Blackboard course according to Article 463: Configure Your Blackboard Course for Panopto Use. Once configured, the instructor creates an...
rating 30 Sep, 2020
Create MS Class Teams, Enroll Students with a Team Code, and Find Direct Team Link
MS Teams allows professors to create a Class Team and generate a Join Code to avoid having to search and give access to every individual in the class. Once the join code is generated, professors can distribute the Join Link and the Join Code and students will be able to add themselves to the Team....
rating 02 Nov, 2020
Inviting Non-Eastern Guests to MS Teams
MS Teams allows you to invite a guest speaker to a MS Teams meeting. The instructions work the same in both the Web version and the Desktop App version of Teams. The following instructions cover the setup and invitation of the guest and the initiation of the meeting and admitting of the guest: ...
rating 28 Apr, 2020
Polling in MS Teams
MS Teams has a polling feature that can be used in chat or a live meeting. Results are visible to team members in real time. Access the chat from the live meeting Click the three dots at the bottom of the chat tool Click Forms (if it's not already showing then search for forms in the Find an...
rating 15 Apr, 2020
Emailing All MS Team Members
Emailing all MS Teams members requires a one-time modification of the default MS Teams email subscription settings in the Outlook desktop app or Office 365 online version. Once modified, you can use the MS Team email address to send an email to all MS Team members. The instructions below describe...
rating 17 Apr, 2020
Optimization Bandwidth for Video Conferencing
*Please note this article is currently under review. Optimization Bandwidth for Video Conferencing In an effort to increase the quality of online meetings for our customers we have created an easy to use a checklist of “best practices” for connecting to an online video conferencing service...
rating 17 Jul, 2020
FAQ on Web Conferencing Tools
*Please note this article is currently under review. Frequently Asked Questions on Web Conferencing Tools Q: What web conferencing tools are supported by Eastern? A: Blackboard Collaborate, MS Teams, and Webex. Q: What are the minimum hardware equipment requirements? A: The minimum...
rating 27 Jul, 2020

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