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Online Help Desk Request

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Last updated: 24 Jul, 2015

Online Help Desk Request

The Information Technology Services Department now offers web-based access to our ITS Help Desk work order system for faculty and staff.  This new service is available 24/7 from computers within our campus network.  Now you can enter new requests and check on the status of open work orders on evenings and weekends, as well as during normal business hours.  You will even be able to view a detailed history of work orders that you have requested. 

 The following directions provide basic information on submitting a new work order request, checking the status of open requests or viewing work order history.  You will also to be able to search a solutions database for answers to common questions or problems.   (NOTE:  The solutions database is a work in progress.  ITS will update or add articles as new information becomes available.)

To start this new application, browse to:              http://ECSU-TRACKIT2/TrackItWeb/SelfService/Login

Adding a new work order

On the left hand side of the page, underneath the search bar, there is a link for adding a new work order.  (You can also add a work order from the "Manage your Work Order Requests" page, which offers options for viewing other open or closed requests under your name.)


The "Work Order Request" page will ask for the following information:

Summary:   Brief statement of problem (e.g., "CD drive not working")

Call-Back Number:   This should be your extension or if another number is best for you, enter that

Priority:   Select a level from the list that you feel is appropriate for your request.   (NOTE:  Priority is one factor in setting a due date for the work order.  ITS may change the priority and/or due date to account for availability of staff, prior commitments or other factors.)

Asset ID:   This is a unique identifier assigned to your computer. Please do not change it.

Type:    Select an appropriate entry from the list provided.

Description:   Enter a more detailed statement of your problem.  If applicable, provide the computer or printer make and model, operating system, application software version, error messages or any other pertinent information.  E.g., "Computer is an HP DC7100, tag number E00002334, running Windows XP.  CD player will not read any discs; displays error message 'Device not found'.  Please schedule an appointment through our department secretary." 

Viewing pending or closed work orders

To view closed or pending work orders, click on the Work Orders button on the top of the window.  You will have the choice of listing your open work orders, closed work orders, or all work orders.  From there you can view detailed information about individual work orders.

Finding solutions

The Solutions Database is a searchable collection of articles that can provide answers to common questions or problem situations.  As mentioned earlier, ITS will continue to add or modify articles in the database that will be tailored to our environment.

In the following example, the search results in a summary of relevant articles, which can be viewed in detail by clicking on the title.

We hope you find this new "self-service" system to be convenient and informative.  If you have any questions about its use, please contact the ITS Help Desk during business hours at x54346. 

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