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Student Technology Accounts (Email, Computer Lab, Blackboard)

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Last updated: 30 Sep, 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Computer accounts are not to be shared with other users; when evidence of account sharing is found, all parties involved will be considered to be in violation of this policy. Please review Article 223: ECSU Policy on Computer Use

All Eastern students have a Technology account automatically generated upon registration. This account is used for Computer Labs, Email, Blackboard, and other online services, though not all online services. Your username must be typed completely in lowercase and passwords must be typed in whatever case is appropriate.

IMPORTANT NOTE: New and transfer students MUST log on to either a University-owned computer or their Eastern email accounts (from on or off-campus) before attempting to log on to Blackboard.

How to determine Your Username, Password, and Email address:

  • Log on to E-Web Online Services. For E-Web instructions see Article 21: Logging in to E-Web: Online Services.
  • Once you have successfully logged onto E-Web, click on the Personal Information link.
  • Click on View/Update E-Mail Address(es). You should see your Eastern email address on the page.
  • The part of the email preceding the @ symbol is your username. This is often your last name and some part of your first name.
  • The default password is made of the following 7 characters:
    • First Character: $
    • Second Character: First initial of your username in CAPS.
    • The last 5 digits of your Eastern ID number from your ID card or acceptance letter.
    • Example: A student with the username Jones and Eastern ID of 10256789, their default password would be $J56789
  • The First time you use your default password it will tell you it's expired and you will be prompted to set a new password that only you know. Please refer to  Article 22: Password Rules for details.

Password Change

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