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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

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Last updated: 08 Mar, 2019

To better protect the personal information of our campus community, Eastern’s Information Technology Services will be adding a second verification step to the login process. This process, called multi-factor authentication (MFA), offers additional protection to your digital identity. The MFA process will only be active during off campus logins.  Using an Eastern domain computer in your office, classrooms, lecterns, or elsewhere on campus will not require MFA.

The MFA process will require a onetime setup of your notification preference (text, call or app).  There are three options available:

  1. Most people will simply choose to have a text sent to their mobile phone containing a six digit authentication number that will have to be entered when prompted.
  2. If you don’t have a mobile phone you can have a call sent to your home phone which will authenticate you upon answering the phone (that option can, of course, only be used in a single location where that phone is located).
  1. The third option is to download an app onto your smart device that will automatically log you in whenever you log in from that device (as long as it is connected to the Internet either via cellular or wifi).  The advantage of this option is that you do not require receiving a text message as with the first option, occasionally an issue while traveling, and you don’t have to type anything additional to your username and password.

    Download the MS Authenticator here

    Directions for Adding your account to the Authenticator App

Once MFA is activated for your account, any attempt to login from an off campus device will require the second authentication piece.  Any hacker who somehow uncovers your password will be unable to complete the login procedure since the hacker will not have access to the second authentication factor.  MFA is commonly used in many businesses within their online services such as banking, financial institutes, cellular services, and cable services.

You can edit your MFA profile by changing settings at the following URL:

In addition, the following user guide answers most questions about MFA: 

Any other questions should be directed to the Help Desk at (860) 465-4346 or


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Article ID: 510
Last updated: 08 Mar, 2019
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