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Purchasing Hardware and Software (Home Use and On Campus)

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Last updated: 15 Feb, 2018
Purchasing Hardware and Software

Faculty requests for new hardware and software should be directed to the department chair. Requests are prioritized by the department chair and forwarded to the Dean's office. CIT offers consultation on technical issues related to potential purchases.

Please note that ITS does not purchase departmental-specific software for use in the instructional computer classrooms or desktop computers. As noted above, requests for departmental-specific software should be directed to the department chair.

Site-Licensed Software
Some site-licensed software is available for professional use through ECSU negotiated contracts. Some of the software on these contracts may be available to faculty for home use on personally owned computers. Eastern and the CSU system hold site-licensed software contracts with Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, and others.

Obtaining Software for Home Use

Faculty and staff, will obtain Adobe and Microsoft software titles via online download. Students can obtain Office 365 via online download. Please be sure to make your purchase from your home computer - not your office machine.

All home use entitlement verification will be done through your Eastern email account please use when creating accounts with Microsoft and Adobe to insure you get the proper discount and product. 

Faculty and Staff Instructions

Available Software:

  • Office 365 (Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android)
  • Windows 8 (Upgrade version)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Windows, Mac)
  • SPSS
  • Maple
  • EndNote

To get Office 365:

To get Office SPSS Maple or Endnote:

  •  Bring a thumb drive to CIT (Lib 420) and request the installation files.

To get Adobe Creative Cloud:

Eastern's Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) Home Use Program applies to faculty and staff only and provides home use rights for Adobe CC Master Collection.  Please note this entitlement is limited to faculty and staff - students are not eligible. Adobe CC is offered in the Eastern Online Store. If you purchased through the Online Store before, then you already have an account.  If you have forgotten your username or password, you can recover it on the Store's Sign In page.  If you don't have an account, you can create one on the same page. Once you sign into the Store, you can view available software by clicking on the different vendor tabs. Be sure you are browsing under the Faculty/Staff tab and not the Students tab.  Creative Cloud is available under the Adobe sub-tab.  The cost is $9.75 and provides 12 months of use from the date of purchase of all of the programs included in the CC Master Collection.  Upon expiration, CC will deactivate itself and no longer work. Any files you created will remain intact. At that point in time, you can go back to the Online Store and purchase an additional 12 months of use. This will be the case for as long as you are employed by the University and our Adobe contract remains in force.

All purchases are made through our hosted Online Store. The link below will take you there.  Once you have loaded the Store page, click on the "Sign In" link located in the upper right corner.  If you have made purchases through the Store in the past, login with the account credentials you previously created. If you don't remember your username or password, use the "Forgot username or password" link on the Sign In page to recover them to your Eastern email inbox. 

If this is your first visit to the Store, you must create an account to make a purchase. Click on the "Register" button on the Sign In page and follow the on-screen instructions. Once your account has been created you can return to the Store and log in and make your selections.

If you have been to the store before and some time has passed, you may have to verify your account again:

  1. After logging in, pull down the menu near your email address at the top right and choose Your Account/Orders.
  2. Click on the Eligibility tab and check the status. If the status says expired, use the Request Additional Eligibility and follow the instructions.

There are additional software titles offered by the Online Store. In many cases, that software is available at no cost directly from CIT. See below for details on SPSS, Maple, and EndNote entitlements.  If you have any questions, please consult with CIT staff or before purchasing any software other than Microsoft and Adobe titles.

IMPORTANT:  You MUST retain the downloaded file(s) AND any Product Keys or Redemption Codes supplied in case you should ever need to reload the software due to computer replacement or system repairs.  The download and Product Key are available to you for 30 days through the online store.  You may opt to pay for additional access time, however if you simply save the downloaded file(s) on a DVD or a flash drive and also retain the Product Key(s) through an email to yourself or to a file saved to your Z: drive or flash drive, you do not need to make an Extended Access Option purchase. There is a strict limit of ONE copy of each title per account. Please be sure to download your free copy from your home computer - not a University machine.

Once you have made the purchase, rather than being presented with a download link and a Product Key, you will see a Redemption Code in small red text under a big green Redeem Now button.  Copy that redemption code - you will need it later in the process.  Also read the small text adjacent to the redemption code for any warnings/instructions.  Once you click on the Redeem Now button, your browser will be redirected to an Adobe page where you will step through a process which culminates in pasting the redemption code into the site and generating the opportunity to download each of the 20+ applications. They do not download as a bundle. 

An Adobe Account is required to process the redemption code. This is a separate account and is unrelated to your Online Store account.  If you have one, use it. If you have forgotten your Adobe username and/or password, you can recover it on the Adobe Account logon page. If you don't have an Adobe Account, you can create one from the Adobe logon page.
Each CC application is a separate download. You can, however, select one or more or even all and they will queue up for downloading and installation.   Following that process you should be able to launch the apps.  Mac Users: the apps do not appear on the dock - there is a small odd cloud sort of icon that you will see up in the Finder menu bar.  Click it and it will drop-down with the list of all of your downloaded apps.  You can add them to the dock at your leisure. You can also launch them from the Applications folder. The same icon appears in the task tray in Windows 7/8.  Individual CC icons appear in the expected places in Windows 7 and 8.
IMPORTANT: If you ever encounter a request to provide your credit card information while in the Adobe site, do not do that.  If you do, Adobe will auto-renew your 1 year subscription, but at FULL retail price not $9.75.  The $9.75 pricing is only available through the Eastern Online Store at the link below. It is OK to provide a credit card in the Eastern Online Store).

Click here to go directly to the Online Store for Adobe Creative Cloud

To get Other Home Use Software:

The CIT's Software Distribution Center located in Library 420 will distribute faculty/staff entitlements to other site-licensed software, such as SPSS, Maple, EndNote, via USB Flash Drive cloning.  Please contact CIT directly if you have any questions by calling 860-465-1248 or email  

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