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Saving Word Documents as HTML for use in Blackboard
Saving Word Documents as HTML for use in Blackboard Strange characters particularly questions marks throughout your document occur when you use MSWord to generate your HTML. When you choose Save as Web Page from your Word document, the result is an HTML document that uses XML. Blackboard cannot...
rating 20 Feb, 2015
Spyware Issues
Spyware Issues Spyware on your system can cause a variety of strange behaviors with Blackboard, Web surfing, and other applications. Below is a list of some behaviors we've seen. In each case the solution is to do a full spyware scan. Spyware symptoms: You attempt to access Blackboard or a...
rating 18 Apr, 2018
Incident Handling: An Orderly Response to Unexpected Events
Incident Handling: An Orderly Response to Unexpected Events
rating 08 Feb, 2018
Labs and Facility Locations
To request a software installation in a lab or classroom fill out the Software Installation Form. IMPORTANT: For a printable quick reference guide to using the technology in the lecterns see Article 211: Lectern Console Quick Reference. For a complete list of labs and computer classrooms go to...
rating 09 Mar, 2015
Eastern Alert (Emergency Notification)
The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities Board of Regents has purchased an emergency notification system which utilizes an off-site service to provide quick distribution of time-sensitive emergency messages to multiple devices selected by the subscriber (i.e. text messages, email, phone...
rating 22 Aug, 2018
ECSU-BYOD Registered Device Still Asks for Username and Password When Using Wireless
ITS has developed an online troubleshooting tool to help expedite solutions for those of you that may be currently experiencing issues with WiFi devices that were successfully registered on the ECSU-BYOD WiFi network on or before September 1, 2015. If your previously registered devices are now...
rating 26 Jul, 2017
SPSS License Renewal for Home Use
Home use licenses for SPSS expire at the end of December every year. To renew your license, contact cit@easternct.edu for the current code and follow the instructions below. Launch the License Authorization Wizard from the Programs or Applications Group on your Mac or PC. On the Product...
rating 03 Feb, 2017
Student Z-Drives To Be Retired
Eastern is retiring the current student network file shares, known as the Z: Drive. The new default file storage system will be Microsoft OneDrive for Business. This move will not only provide greater accessibility and more granular recovery, it significantly increases storage for each student by...
rating 23 Aug, 2018

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